The Buzz On: The Jonas Brothers' New Opening Act, KSM!

When you're at a Jo Bros concert, it's extremely tempting to lose control, hyperventilate, and spend all your pre-show energy screaming/crying/texting all your friends everyone you've ever met and telling them that you're standing in the EXACT SAME ROOM as Kevin, Joe and Nick. (Trust us, we KNOW.)

But if you can (temporarily) snap yourself out of your OMJ! euphoria, you might just notice that those chicks on stage are doing a pretty good job of warming up the crowd.

We are, of course, talking about KSM, the spunky five-girl group whose Hilary Duff-y (not to be confused with actual Duffy) sound would be enough to get you revved up even if Joe Jonas WEREN'T standing in the very next room, breathing the same air as you.

The girls -- whose ages range from 15-18, despite MySpace's claim that they're really 105 -- spent the past week opening for the Jonases in Detroit (presumably while screaming/crying/hyperventilating) and convincing us that their Avril Lavigne-ish/Miley-esque vocals are the real deal.

Get to know/love KSM (all their names start with K or S and "the M is for music!") by browsing their MySpace page, hitting up their fan site and watching their amazing pre-Jonas performance.  Oh, and get ready: those K and S gals say they've got an album coming out this fall.

And from the sounds of their new single, "Distracted," we're thinking their LP may well be hyperventillation-worthy in its own right.