Buzz Bites -- 1/29/2009: Who Thinks Rihanna Should Star In 'Charlie's Angels 3'?

+ A Charlie's Angels 3 producer says she'd love for Rihanna to join the feathered-hair trio this time around. Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore claims she's more interested in having a foursome with Penelope Cruz. (Wambie)

+ Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson aren't the only celebs who decided to try their hand at "singing." Relive the train wreck-y amazingness of Eddie Murphy's high-pitched warbling with this collection of actors who shouldn't quit their day jobs. (Details Blog)

+ And speaking of crossover ventures, singer/ glittery princess Taylor Swift has announced that she'll be launching her own Wal-Mart clothing line (a la Olsens!). (LimeLife)

+ Audrina Patridge says she and Justin Bobby have called it quits! Again! Hey, wonder if this means she's taken off that saliva-drenched promise ring once and for all... (Remote Control)

+ Biggie Smalls' mom refuses to let her feud with Lil' Kim die down. Her latest message for the once-incarcerated rapper? "Tell [Kim] to find herself, go drink a cup of green tea and get a life." (MTV News)

+ Since getting dumped by Kate Moss, Pete Doherty has stayed true to himself and his goals of going through life... as a crazy cat person who enjoys writing on the walls (like Will Hunting, except in blood!) and long walks on the beach drinking. (Scandalist)

+ President Barack Obama busts a move to Beyonce's "Single Ladies," but refuses to don Justin Timberlake's stretch leotard. (MTV News)

+ Meanwhile, Macy Gray denies (self-perpetuated?) rumors that she is in love with Barack and wants to go all Single Black Female on Michelle. (OMG! Yahoo)

+ Jessica Simpson steps out in public, pretends Everyone In The World isn't mentally obsessing about her BMI. (Usmagazine)