New Tamarama Video: 'Everything To Me'

At some point, we've probably gotta stop thinking of Tamarama as Whitney Port's boyfriend's band. 'Course at this rate, that'll happen around the same time we stop looking at 30 Seconds To Mars as Jared Leto's group (or listening to Fall Out Boy without picturing Pete Wentz down on one knee and proposing.)

Sorry, Jay, but as long as you continue to melt our hearts on The City with your grand romantic gestures and your amazing Aussie accent ("That Whitney's a key-puh!"), we're powerless to disassociate you from the reggae pop group you're so desperately trying to promote. Which isn't to say we're not that into you -- er, your band -- because WE! SO! ARE!

(At least, 'til Whitney meets someone else and we completely lose interest.)

But before that happens, check out Tamarama's new video, "Everything To Me," and see what all the fuss is all about and why we sorta wish Jay was our boyfers too. True, "Everything To Me" doesn't reinvent the wheel -- the cool, laid-back beach vibe made us think happy, albeit slightly boring, vacationy thoughts -- but what it lacks in imagination, it more than makes up for in eye candy.

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