New Video: Beach House, 'Used To Be'

Beach House by Daniel Arnold

The road has always been the best place to listen to music. It's the basis for most of our best movies and history's most compelling stories. It's obvious that Baltimore's supremely mellow Beach House and video director Matt Amato (Bon Iver, Earlimart, Red House Painters) had this in mind while making "Used To Be." They are well aware of the allure of convertible Cadillacs, loneliness and the wind in your hair, and they use them all brilliantly.

Look at the video for "Used To Be." Perfectly dusty, anxious and empty. A slice of middle-of-nowhere 1979 Americana, complete with deserted adobe motel rooms, slow trains coming, translucent floral curtains and clothes you thought you'd never see again, perfectly worn. Beach House and Matt Amato provide the atmosphere, and it's thick. The story's up to you.