Artist Of The Week: MURS

Photos by Lindsay Nowak & Eric Thundercloud

Vote MURS! Do the right thing! MURS for President! Choose or Lose!

Nahlook: MURS may not have much for qualifications (isn't that a plus these days?) -- by his own admission he has, and we quote, "No college education or experience." But don't count the hip-hop Oval Office hopeful out yet! He's got an opinion, he's nice on the mic and he's one of the Cali underground's foremost MCs. Also, his hair looks exactly like that hat made famous by Abraham Lincoln, and how could that possibly be bad??

But enough hype, brothers and sisters. Let's get up on MURS' platform, shall we? Take it Mr. MURS:

Look here! The power of America is the freedom of choice! We choose to do nothing! We losing! We suffering! It's time to do something that's not Socialism, that's not Communism. It's lovin' each other, realize there's no different! It's positive movement. Gradual improvement!

Yes, yes! Well said Mr. MURS! But tell us... This "gradual improvement" you speak of ... Improvement from what? In your mind what troubles face our great nation today?

The world's gone crazy since we last spoke. Bloodshed and wars, the absence of hope. Not to mention, shootin' at the school, economy's a joke. Homies on heroin! Homies on coke! But can you even blame them when they only tryna cope? NO! DAMN!

MURS, it's all true. Isn't it just terrible? What about your opponents? Do they stand a chance?

All these rappers wanna talk about is guns and dope. Don't they realize we all at the end of our ropes?? The future all depends on the power of our quotes! The power of a pen! The power of a vote!

Sir, you've taken our breath away. That's all we have time for today. Good luck Mr. MURS! Stay tuned for an important message from the Murs campaign ...

MURS For President drops September 30 and you must not sleep! MURS is an L.A. native whose name is an acronym for "Making Underground Raw S***!" You may remember MURS from such sensational underground hip-hop acts as 3MG! Living Legends! Felt! and The Invincibles! He has collaborated with the likes of Humpty Hump, Slug, Aesop Rock, RJD2, Hieroglypics, E-40, Little Brother and many more!

If you're new and curious about what his music sounds like, here's an adjective: GREAT. Basically slap a jaw-dropper of a beat on some fly Jackson 5 style soul loops and just let the eyebrow-raising rhymes flow. It's explosive like Gushers®. And if it takes more than that to get your vote, you're stingy! But it's cool, because we got even more to give! How about exclusive MTV Artist Of The Week videos, direct from the candidate, the man, MURS?? That's right, watch them on MTV and below and check out photos from his MTV shoot, also below (and here) and, along with a lot more, on his artist page.

The great thing about the videos MURS shot for MTV is that he's is pulling no punches. He knows it's Choose or Lose time when it comes to the upcoming U.S. presidential election. He's in South Central L.A., talking to his mom at the family's long-standing business. And they're talking about politics and the importance of voting. It's not something MURS takes lightly and it's not something you should take lightly. If you do, you risk facing the wrath of his mom. He warned you.

And, not to belabor a point, but get out and vote!