VMA WTF Wednesday: Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Class Up The 1999 VMAs

Here we have Pamela Anderson at the 1999 VMAs, and it looks like we caught her during one of her on-again periods with both Tommy Lee and with her breasts. This outfit is bad, even by Pam Anderson standards, if you could call them standards. The top is like some kind of bastard bridal Renaissance Faire creation. And while her outer-galaxies-go-Middle-Eastern pants are beyond odious, perhaps we should just be grateful that she wore pants in the first place. (This is, after all, the same woman who wore a bikini to her wedding.)

And to top it all off, some poor mall Easter Bunny died for that hat. At the very least though, it helps conceal the bustedness that is all that blue eye shadow. (Seriously, not even your grandma gets a free pass out of that one.)

Meanwhile Tommy Lee looks like a cross between a boozy old flasher and a stoned Inspector Gadget. Go go, gadget PUT SOME FREAKING PANTS ON.

Speaking of pants and stuff, see who looked even worse and who looked better (not hard to do) at the VMAs. And if you're not eating, check out photos of the gruesome twosome sucking each other's faces off at the 2007 VMAs. And then, check out the money shot: Tommy Lee and Kid Rock (who's performing at the 2008 VMAs on Sunday, September 7) throwin' 'bows over Pam later that same night. Easy boys! There's plenty enough Pammy to go around!


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