Exclusive Interview: Seth Rogen Talks Music, 'Pineapple Express'

Seth Rogen kept us on our toes yesterday when he was at 1515 for TRL. With the insanity that is Tokio Hotel Fan Week, we weren't sure we were gonna get anywhere near the new king of comedy. But at the last minute, we got the call that Seth had a few minutes to spare. We quickly dropped everything and rushed to the studio, where the laid-back actor cordially answered all the questions we threw at him.

We talked about everything, from his new movie Pineapple Express to his love of '80s pop-rocker Huey Lewis. He even poked fun of the smoky stunt he and James Franco pulled at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. Here's what he had to say...

Buzzworthy: What did you actually smoke on the set of Pineapple Express?

Seth Rogen: It's called Wizard Smoke. It's, like, a benign plant. It'll probably kill me in several years, but I guess it's just like oregano. Honestly, I don't know what it is. [Laughs.]

BW: What's your all-time favorite stoner flick?

SR: That's a good question. There's been a lot of debate as to what is or is not actually a "stoner flick." Like, is The Big Lebowski a stoner movie or is it just a movie about a guy who smokes weed a lot? Is Dazed and Confused a stoner movie or are there just stoner characters in it? So, I would say The Big Lebowski, if you count that. If not, I would say Friday because that is a pure stoner movie in my mind.

BW: Did you feel pressured to pull off a good stoner flick with Pineapple Express?

SR: Yeah, definitely. I mean, I had to look my own friends in the face again at some point, and it would have been such a humiliating failure if I couldn't write a weed movie. [Laughs.] So, yeah, I felt a lot of pressure, mostly from myself though.

BW: Are you happy with the end result?

SR: I am. I love it. Honestly, I watch it and can't believe they let us make it.

BW: And did you get the stamp of approval from your friends?

SR: They were just at the premiere and they all liked it. So, yeah, I think I did. [Laughs.]

BW: Why did you ask Huey Lewis to record the movie's theme song?

SR: Why wouldn't you ask Huey Lewis to record your movie's theme song? [Laughs.] You know, the movie was kind of inspired by the ones we really liked growing up -- a lot of which were made in the '80s. We just thought, we've made this movie that kinda feels like an '80s action movie, so it would be fun to put a Huey Lewis song in it and really make it feel like an '80s action movie. And Huey's great. I got to meet him. It was awesome. [Laughs.]

BW: Speaking of music, what's your favorite band or artist of all time?

SR: Led Zeppelin is probably my favorite band of all time. And I also like Wu-Tang Clan a lot.

BW: Is there a specific album you usually kick back and listen to?

SR: I like Coda a lot, the Led Zeppelin album. That's one of my favorite ones. And [Wu-Tang's] 36 Chambers; can't beat that. Wu-Tang Forever is good, too, though.

BW: What's the best concert you've ever been to?

SR: I was actually at the last-ever Wu-Tang concert when all the members were there. It was Ol' Dirty Bastard's last live performance. It was pretty amazing.

BW: If you could add any video to the TRL countdown what would it be?

SR: [Laughs.] Well, considering I've literally never heard or seen any of the videos that are generally featured on TRL, let's get [Huey Lewis'] "I Want a New Drug" back on there. That would be good. But MTV would probably cut away as soon as he said the word "drug." [Laughs.]

BW: The Green Hornet could potentially make you an even bigger star. Are you ready for that?

SR: Yeah, I doubt it will. [Laughs.] It will probably be lukewarmly received. No, I mean, maybe. You know, our movies found success, but they're made very specifically, I would say. We are trying to make this one have a slightly broader appeal, but at the same time it really will feel like one of our movies. I'm curious to see what happens.

BW: You once said that your goal was to work with writer/director Kevin Smith. Now that you're starring in his movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno, do you have a new goal?

SR: I don't. I'm gonna quit [acting]. I'm comfortable knowing that the best of my days are behind me and that I can just look back on them fondly. [Laughs.]