Tokio Hotel Tour Diary: Part 3

People have done a lot of weird -- and illegal -- things for love... like cut off their own ear, shoot Ronald Reagan, marry Michael Jackson, and/or roll around in spaghetti for a reality show cast-off in Italian flag nut-huggers.

Thankfully, however, when Tokio Hotel played L.A. and New York, the band's die-hard American fans demonstrated a considerable amount of restraint in expressing their Tokio Hotel devotion. Instead of dismembering themselves or killing for love, coolly, verily, they made signs.

And Tokio Hotel fans, don't think that your posters and the blood, sweat, tears and glitter that went into making them went unnoticed by Bill Kaulitz. In fact, you totally made him a little verklepmt.

Watch Tokio Hotel's third exclusive tour diary video (listen carefully, and you can almost hear tears falling), and catch up on their first two videos here.