Parlez Vous Yelle Pour Reebok Freestyle?


Last night we stopped by the launch event for Reebok's Freestyle World Tour Collection, which features six brand-new Freestyles inspired by fashion-forward cities, represented by six "fearless" females.

Our pick of the pack is the Freestyle Paris, repped by French electro-pop singer Yelle, a 25-year-old Nelly Furtado-lookalike/1980s-Madonna-meets-Annie-soundalike who actually pulled off both the Anna Wintour bob and a metallic anorak with great panache:



OK, so, more on Yelle, whose can-can-inspired Freestyle Paris retails for $85 and hits stores in March 2008... After her dance track was posted on MySpace in 2005, she quickly found herself playing packed underground clubs and parties in Paris, dropped her first album, Pop Up, in September 2007, and she opened for parlor-pop soloist (and Brit Award winner!) Mika on his late-2007 European tour. Girl wears outfits even M.I.A. wouldn't be caught dead in and rocks them like a champ. She also has an entire song dedicated to small boobs. Listen to her single "À Cause des Garçons" and "Tristesse Joie" on her MySpace page.

OK, so, more about the party: Ew. We were illin' and left before the original Black Barbie, Lil' Kim rolled up! We hate ourselves for that. Also in attendance: Gossip Girls Blake Lively and Leighton Meister and a supes-polished Vanessa Minnillo. Check out the party pix here.

Finally, Real World fans, take note: the party went down at 632 Hudson Street, which die-hard RW fans will recall was home base for the cast of 2001's The Real World: Back to New York. In case you were wondering, the chandelier was still in tact, and if you put your ear up to the fish tank, you could almost hear echoes of The Miz and Coral.


The House That Coral Built