Good Charlotte Exclusive: Joel And Benji Talk Girls, Paparazzi And How Family Comes First


While they were here at 1515 for TRL, we were able to steal a few minutes with Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji Madden to talk about the band's latest video, Joel's impending fatherhood and what it's like to constantly live under the celebrity microscope.

Buzzworthy: Do you have any good stories from the video shoot for "I Don't Wanna Be in Love (Dance Floor Anthem)"?

Benji Madden: I was asleep the whole day and they just kept waking me up when it was time to shoot. I'd go out and shoot for five minutes and then go back to sleep.

Joel Madden: We shot it in Canada, and there were more extras than we were used to. There were more girls than we're used to having in our videos. There was a lot of chitter-chatter going on. It was a fun video.

BW: Have you decided what your next video will be?

JM: "Victims of Love." We haven't shot anything, but I'd really like to make a video with [director] Chris Robinson. I really want to see if he'll shoot our video…

BM: For free. [Laughs.]

JM: Or maybe a cell phone company will pay for it. Yeah, we'll probably have some kind of deodorant or cell phone company pay for our video and we'll get Chris Robinson to shoot it. Or we'll just shoot another crappy Good Charlotte video. [Laughs.]

BW: Are you heading back into the studio to record a new album soon?

BM: This record's really starting to kinda, you know, get out there and really starting to do well. We're really happy with this one right now so we're just gonna put out the next single and tour and see where it takes us.

BW: Are you constantly writing new songs?

JM: We write all the time. I'm writing a song in my head right now with my mind guitar. [Laughs.] We write on the road. And we work with other artists, too. We're always trying to write music 'cause that's what we love to do.

BW: Joel, are you annoyed by the fact that you and your girlfriend [Nicole Richie] are constantly being followed by paparazzi?

JM: I don't even think about it. It's everybody else's circus, not mine. I just live my life. I have a very normal life at home. Me and my girlfriend are a very normal couple. Our life is probably more boring than people would like to imagine so they have to kinda create this circus. But that's the outside. We have a very nice, normal life at home.

BW: Are you excited about becoming a dad in just a few weeks?

JM: Very excited. It's gonna be fun.

BW: Once the baby is born, will you be taking some time off from the band?

JM: Yeah, definitely. Family first.

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