Don't Expect To See Armor For Sleep In 'Williamsburg' Anytime Soon

Now that Armor For Sleep has penned the song "Williamsburg" about the uber-trendy Brooklyn neighborhood, will hordes of disenchanted hipsters flee the area for fear that their 'hood has jumped the shark? Where, oh where will they go?

The video for "Williamsburg" is a tongue-in-cheek tutorial on how to dress like a bona fide hipster. Even if it was conceived by a group of guys from nearby New Jersey who are not exactly stylishly un-hip themselves, we have to admit that it's pretty darn accurate … right down to the skinny jeans, Converse sneakers and Elvis glasses. But despite singing that Williamsburg is "the blueprint for hell," today the band told TRL host Damien that the song is just a "lighthearted" lesson about anyone that keeps you down or holds you back.

Check out the video and tell us what you think … is Armor For Sleep giving life-saving life lessons or are they hipster haters?