Meet The Little Girl Who Inspired Alice From Disney's 'Alice In Wonderland'

She looks just like her!

There's no end to the magic of Disney. But behind the adorable Alice of the 1951 Disney classic Alice In Wonderland is something far more rooted in reality. The aesthetic of Alice is based on a real 10-year-old girl named Kathryn Beaumont.

Beaumont was discovered by Disney after appearing in the 1948 film On An Island With You. She served as a model for the cartoon Alice, as well as providing her voice and that of Peter Pan's Wendy Darling.

Beaumont even helped animators draw scenes from Alice In Wonderland, acting them out as animators noted her movement. A jump off of a stool became the inspiration for the iconic scene of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

After retiring from filmmaking after Peter Pan, Beaumont brought her magic to the classroom, where she was a teacher for 30 years.

See a video with rare footage of the making of "Alice In Wonderland" that includes the Disney Legend below.