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Lena Dunham Auctioned The Shirt Off Her Back For Planned Parenthood

The 'Girls' star had to walk home in her bra. #worthit

Currently, there are a group of lawmakers pushing to defund Planned Parenthood -- an organization that provides sexual and reproductive health services to over 5 million men and women each year -- mostly due to the fact that it provides abortion services (as is a Constitutionally protected right) to around 3% of its patients.

As such, PP has called for its supporters to "act no matter what," and for "Girls" star Lena Dunham that meant selling the sweater right off her back right on the spot. Ovary design and all.

Yep. On Thursday (Oct. 1) night, Lena hit The Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project of Los Angeles County's Politics, Sex and Cocktails event and wound up going home in her "skivvies" after she donated her own theme-appropriate sweater to the fundraising mix and earned the org about $4k in the process.

Let's break down the two stages of being Lena Dunham's ovaries sweater:

  1. First, you get specially selected for the sex-positive event because you're perfectly promoting the boob-u-lar region and lady anatomy.

    Designer Rachel Antonoff -- Lena's probable future sister-in-law -- gets all the credit for this "Randy Reproductive Sweater" design that was completely on message for this event.

  2. Then, you get spontaneously sold to a stranger who's got deep pockets and much love for reproductive rights.

    Lena didn't come in with the intent of going home topless, but that's how it went down. She captioned this cleave selfie with the explanation that she found the event so "crazy inspiring" that she suddenly felt compelled to contribute. And while it might've left her traipsing home in her undies and a men's jacket, her hashtag game says it all: "#worthit #onbrand #standwithPP."