Miley Cyrus And Hillary Clinton Are Teaming Up For 'SNL' And We Have So Many Questions

2016, ya'll.

Miley Cyrus' upcoming return to "Saturday Night Live" is about to get real political.

Per The Wrap, Hillary Clinton is expected appear on the "SNL" season premiere episode on Saturday (Oct. 3) -- which features Miley as host and musical guest -- and the Democratic Presidential hopeful is expected to cameo in the show's cold open, going toe-to-toe with her newest impersonator Kate McKinnon, and keep with the whole Hillary's totally chill about being spoofed on live TV thing.

And while the Clinton-McKinnon meet cute will no doubt be a stitch, we're also seeing some major possibilities with Miley Cyrus in the house.

  1. Like finding out how Hillary Clinton officially stands on armpit hair.
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    For Miley, this is basically a matter of national significance, so as a presidential hopeful, we wonder if Hillary's got some pit perspective herself?

  2. Also, does Miley have any style tips for Hillary to better reach ~the kids~?

    Hillary's sort of a sartorial traditionalist, and Miley's anything but that. So together, their fashion forces could be quite transcendent, and frankly it's something we'd like to see.

  3. Does Hillary Clinton put her hands up when they're playing her song, "Party in the USA"?
    Comedy Central

    Hopefully she'll just sing her answer: "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah."

  4. Do they also think they kinda sound alike?

    While Miley was hosting the 2015 Video Music Awards, there was an unexpected theme of responses running on Twitter; a lot of people thought she sounded like the 2016 Democratic frontrunner.

  5. Will Miley watch Hillary Whip and watch her Nae Nae?

    Hillary knows how to break this one out, thanks to tWitch's quick commercial break tutorial with Ellen DeGeneres.

  6. Can Hillary please just sing "Wrecking Ball" for this YouTuber already?

    Whoever made this video was so obsessed with getting Hillary to sing Miley's break-up anthem that s/he spliced together a zillion different video bits to make it so. Hillary owes this person the real deal.

  7. What does Hill think of Miley's Gen Y-ish impersonation of her?

    Hillary's always been a pretty good sport about her "SNL" impersonators past, so maybe Miley'll get to whip out her "2016, ya'll" campaign tube top again and do a side-by-side with her.

  8. Does Hillary love green too?

    Miley's made it abundantly clear that she's an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, so is Hillary gonna be workin' for her girl on that one? Even if Bill did not inhale that one time?

  9. The two of them combined have a total of how many pets?

    Both these ladies love their fur babies, so how many four-legged friends do they have at this point?

  10. Speaking of which, would Hillary ever consider putting Miley on her animal rights task force?

    This is a serious question. Miley's into it, and so are we.

  11. Will they use a selfie stick to Instagram their time together?

    Hillary's been upping her 'Gram game lately with cute pictures of rad manicures and puppies in cups, so it's not IMpossible.

  12. Where do they each stand on Kanye 2020?

    Important. We heard Chelsea's take on this -- now we need word from the big guns.

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