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Watch A Mom Give Her Trans Daughter The Gift She's Always Wanted

Best. Cake. Ever.

Rose Gladu of Ottawa, Ontario has supported her 16-year-old daughter Gabrielle ever since she made the decision to transition into a woman. This kind of support has helped Gabrielle share her journey on YouTube, where she's known as Gabrielle Diana. Her channel is where she shares music, beauty tutorials and other creative work, while shedding light on issues and milestones young trans people experience.

Her most recent video features her mother surprising her with something many of us take for granted: a name. Not just any name, but one that reflects her identity.

After gathering loved ones for the celebration, Gabrielle's mother revealed a message on a cake that read, "Congratulations, you are now Gabrielle." She was so shocked that Rose had to clarify that her legal name change came through. Then they both bursted into tears of joy.

“I hope when people see this video, they see the importance of names and pronouns, because they are so important to someone’s transition,” Gabrielle told BuzzFeed. “It makes them feel valued and important, and that makes transitioning a lot easier.”

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