Funny Or Die

Here's Exactly How Netflix Seduces You Into Staying Up All Night With It

'I 30 Rocked your world that night.'

Netflix is the worst. He distracts you from your homework. When you try to walk away, he lures you back in with that sexy "15 seconds until next episode" look. He stays over all night when you wanted him gone by 10 p.m.

Funny Or Die produced a sketch by DJ Faucet Comedy that perfectly demonstrates this Netflix struggle. In the vid, Netflix (Bill Posley) tries to woo Zoe (Kristen Henley) away from all her responsibilities.

"Netflix is the ultimate temptress, especially when you're trying to be productive!" Taylor Cox, who wrote the sketch, told MTV News in an email. "We've all experienced the seductive nature of our favorite shows, and we wondered what it might be like if this modern day siren was personified."

Take a look at the hilarious video below.