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Asst. Principal Tackles School Shooter After Principal Shot

Also: UA students arrested for hazing, who is Russia bombing in Syria and huge storm headed to East Coast?

Classes Will Resume Today

Students at Harrisburgh High School in South Dakota will be back in class Thursday (Oct. 1), less than 24 hours after a frightening incident in which their principal was shot by a student. On Wednesday morning, an unnamed 16-year-old student entered principal Kevin Lein's office and the two struggled, with a gun going off and hitting Lein in the arm with a bullet. That's when Assistant Principal (and asst. football coach) Ryan Rolling sprung into action and tackled the shooter, whose father said he had been quiet over the past year and seemed "just mad at everybody." No students were injured and the school was put on lockdown during the drama; Lein was released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Charges against the student were expected to be announced on Thursday morning.

UA Students Arrested On Hazing Charges

Five University of Alabama Phi Gamma Delta members were arrested in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday on hazing charges several weeks after they reportedly made pledges stand in buckets of ice and salt that left burns on the pledges' feet. The five, all aged 20-21, are facing a Class C misdemeanor in the case and have been placed on interim sanctions by the university while they're being referred to the school's Office of Student Conduct.

Who Is Russia Bombing In Syria?

As promised, Russia began its first bombing raids against Syrian opposition forces on Wednesday, and immediately ran into trouble when the U.S. said its munitions fell on at least one group of C.I.A.-trained fighters and may have killed dozens of civilians. The New York Times reported that the Russian intervention makes the possibility of a political settlement in the country more difficult and raises the risk of accidental run-ins between American and Russian warplanes. American officials said Wednesday's attack was not aimed at Islamic State fighters, though, but at an opposition group battling Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whom Putin supports.

Quick Take 1: If you live anywhere on the East Coast, prepare to get wet. Powerful storm Joaquin has been bumped up to a hurricane and some weather experts believe it could reach Superstorm Sandy levels by this weekend, bringing with it significant rain and potential flooding. At press time, Joaquin was hitting the Bahamas with winds in excess of 120 m.p.h.

Quick Take 2: The owners of a bakery in Oregon that refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple citing religious objections are now also refusing to pay the $135,000 in state-ordered damages for emotional suffering to the couple in the case. The cake couple are claiming financial hardship as a reason for not paying, even crowdfunding efforts on their behalf have reportedly brought in $500,000.