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Chris Brown Wants Fans To Learn From His Mistakes And Take Steps To End Spousal Abuse

A potential tour ban is sparking action.

Chris Brown hasn't had an easy time cleaning up his image after assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, but he's still working on it -- and this week he took another positive step.

Breezy was scheduled to take his “One Hell of a Nite” tour to Australia this December, but this week the Australian immigration department slapped him with a “notice of intention to consider refusal” of his visa application because of his previous domestic violence charge. That means he has 28 days to appeal, or he could be denied entry to the country.

In response, he hopped on Twitter to get a couple of things off his chest. Most importantly, he accepted the fact that he has a powerful influence on the youth as an entertainer, and vowed to use that power wisely.

Hopefully he sticks with this plan moving forward.

Last year Chris Brown spoke to MTV News' Sway Calloway about the steps he took to turn his life around following the assault.

For more information on dealing with domestic violence, visit MTV's Look Different.

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