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7 Things We Can't Wait To See On Nicki Minaj's ABC TV Show

Will Drake, Meek or Wayne be guest stars?

Nicki Minaj’s life story is coming to ABC Family in the form of a new TV show. The news, which was announced earlier today as a #NickiSurprise, shocked and delighted Barbz who are eager to see more of their favorite MC.

The upcoming half-hour comedy series based on Minaj's early years will give us a glimpse into "how inspiring and hilarious her true story is,” according to Karey Burke, Executive Vice President of Programming and Development at ABC Family.

If that’s true, then we’re about to get some insight into one of the biggest rap (and pop) stars of our time while she’s still making major moves in music and movies. So, of course, that got us thinking about everything we'd love to see on the new series from early family moments to famous guest stars. Here's a look at what we can't wait to see on Nicki's new show:

  1. Nicki’s Very First Rap

    Die-hard Barbz know Nicki’s first rap ever: "Cookie’s the name. Chocolate chip is the flavor/ Suck up my styles like a cherry Life Saver.”

    But what we might not know is the context. How did this flow come together? Why was her name Cookie? Did she write this down or freestyle it? It’d be dope to have this whole scene play out on screen to see how The Pinkprint star really got her start.

  2. Nicki’s First Boyfriend

    Do you remember your first crush? Of course you do! Do you remember the little notes you’d pass around in class? Of course you do!

    As Nicki’s relationship with Meek (and before that, with SB) controls the tabloids and blogs, it’d be cool to see Minaj's innocent puppy love on the silver screen. It’s what's made so many comedies so ill. Who was the Zack to her Kelly or the Cory to her Topanga?

  3. The Drake and Meek Beef Reaction
    Nicki Minaj/YouTube

    OK, OK. We know the show is going to be focusing on her early years, but we can’t help but want to know more about how she actually feels about the Drake/Meek saga. So, why not have her first boyfriend get into a schoolyard feud with one of her close guy friends?

    This scenario — albeit way more kid-friendly than the real beef — might help us see how she really felt about the whole thing.

  4. Nicki Accepting School Awards (With No Shade)

    Nicki’s famous for her award show speeches by now. I mean, the MTV VMA speech (you know, the meme-friendly “Miley, What’s Good” moment) was just the latest instance of this.

    So imagine how cool/funny it’d be to see the Queen of the Barbz accept "Perfect Attendance" and "Academic Excellence" honors in a school assembly with her classic “No Shade” sass. Epic TV moment in the making.

  5. Nicki’s Family
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    Minaj has given us some personal insight about her family in her lyrics (check “I’m The Best” or “All Things Go” for samples of this). But part of the show’s greatness will undoubtedly lie in her fam’s make-up so she'll have to go even deeper on this show.

    A comedy about a child or teen doesn't always have a lone star doing all the heavy lifting so it’ll be interesting to see how her fam is depicted. We’re looking forward to seeing plenty of this.

  6. Nicki’s Early Rap Heroes
    Foxy Brown/YouTube

    A legion of Barbz idolize Minaj, but when she was growing up, Nicki had her own icons to look up to. For instance, the Pinkprint MC once called Foxy Brown one of her "biggest influences in the game.

    Wouldn’t it be dope to see some Foxy posters on her bedroom wall? Or to hear a young Nicki reciting some (hopefully clean) Brown rhymes? We might even see some of her favorite artists as guest stars...which bring us to...

  7. The Guest Stars!

    Since the show’s based on Nicki’s early years, we might not be able to have Lil Wayne play himself on the show, but what if Weezy showed up as a wise older neighbor next door who offers advice like "Boy Meets World’s” Mr. Feeny?

    Why stop at Wayne? What if Meek appeared as a gym teacher (“Hold up, wait a minute. Y’all thought y’all was finished? Go run some more laps!”) Drake would be a cool counselor ("I'm so, I'm so, I'm so proud of you.") and Birdman would be an interesting (and likely hilarious) school principal, rubbing his hands before handing out detention. As you can see, the guest star options are endless.

What do you want to see on this show? Let us know in the comments.