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Wiz Khalifa's New Song Made His Mom Feel Like ??

And you will, too.

Wiz Khalifa's got millions of fans who have latched onto his music in recent years, but his No. 1 fan may also be the one who's been around the longest: His mom.

Momma Khalifa, also known as Katie "Peachie" Wimbush, has been Wiz's biggest supporter for years -- really, decades -- and nothing is changing with the release of his new track, "King of Everything." The song, which he dropped unexpectedly and is produced by Cozmo and ID Labs, is definitely a heater.

And Momma knows it, too.

There are a few immediate takeaways I have from this screenshot. First of all, Wiz needs to charge his phone. Also, 43 unread texts isn't that many for a dude that gets hit up as much as he probably does, so well done. Third, Peachie's emoji game is on point. And, lastly, the fact that he apologizes because it took just over an hour to respond to her text is sweeter than a Swisher.

Which leads us to...well, he calls her the "best mom ever" in this Vine from a few years back. That's love.

Looking at her Instagram, she might be the best grandma ever, too. We'd have to ask Bash, though.

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