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Does The Fashion Industry Need More Plus-Size Male Models?

There's been a positive shift in the fashion industry toward plus-size models. Tess Holliday covered People Magazine, Ashley Graham walked the runway during New York Fashion Week, and people with not-so-stick figures like Gigi Hadid have been welcomed into high fashion. But what about the dudes?

An article from The Guardian has started the conversation on the lack of plus-size male models in the industry. While it notes that Josh Ostrovsky (aka The Fat Jew) has landed himself a modeling contract and that "dad bods" are being celebrated, there's a notable absence from these types in fashion -- partly because of the comic stereotypes surrounding them.

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"He is a character, the big guy. I’m not against that, the Judd Apatow film character, but society needs to acknowledge that the ‘jokey fat guy’ also wants to look good," notes Bruce Sturgell, founder of, self-described as a "style destination for men of many sizes." "There’s an idea that the big guy doesn’t care, that he wants to hang out in sweatpants."

While that stereotype certainly exists for men, things still aren't perfect for all women in the fashion industry, either. Women have worked hard to diversify the industry and are just recently making some progress. Plus-size men are also more accepted in places where plus-size women are not, from the television and movie industries to everyday life.

So, what do you think? Are plus-size men not being considered enough in the fashion industry?