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Here's How Katy Perry And 10 Other Celebs Celebrated The #SuperBloodMoon

A pink moon was indeed on its way.

Sunday night's #SuperBloodMoon eclipse was one for the ages, and one we won't see again until 2033. No matter where you viewed it from, you probably shared the moment with a ton of other Earthlings looking skyward to try to get a glimpse of the dreamlike haze that the sky became. It looked like this:

And if you were a pop star on stage during the window when it went down -- a la Katy Perry -- you might've ended up looking like this:

Katy channeled the awesome power of the #SuperBloodMoon hard, apparently even chucking her road-worn, ass-kicking stage gloves into the crowd because of how amped she was.

KP wasn't the only celeb feeling the ?lunar vibes? last night.

Until next time, #SuperBloodMoon.