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Nick Jonas' Evolution From 'Camp Rock' To 'Scream Queens' Will Make You Shout YAAASSS

Our bb has some a long way since playing Nat Gray in "Camp Rock."

Nick Jonas has come a long way since his days as a teen idol. Sure, he's always been a heartthrob (we've always been #TeamNick -- sorry, Joe!), but back in 2007 he was just a kid with moppy hair and a charmingly crooked smile. Oh, and he could totally rock.

In 2008, he and his pop rock brothers starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Camp Rock" with a then-unknown Demi Lovato. It's crazy to think how much has changed in seven years. The JoBros are, sadly, defunct, Lovato is one of the most badass pop stars on the planet and Nick is totally killing it these days on the Fox's horror-comedy "Scream Queens" -- sans Jo 'Fro, sob.

In honor of Nick's scene-stealing turn on Ryan Murphy's "Scream Queens," we're taking a look back on some of the Jo Bro's most iconic moments on the silver screen.

  1. It all started with "Hannah Montana."
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    The Jonas Brothers' legendary appearance on "Hannah Montana" -- which sparked plenty of dating rumors between Nick and Miley Cyrus -- raised their teen profile significantly.

  2. Then came "Camp Rock."
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    Starring the Jo Bros and Demi Lovato, "Camp Rock" was Disney Channel's followup to the overwhelming success of "High School Musical."

  3. This was peak Jo 'Fro.
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    Just look at those locks!

  4. Swoon!
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    Nick may have been the film's comic relief, but he stole millions of teen girls hearts in this moment.

  5. Obviously, "Camp Rock 2" happened.
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    And finally! Nick got a freakout-inducing solo song.

  6. Nick eventually went solo, shattering our hearts into a million pieces.

    Not only did Nick ditch his bros musically, but he also pursued solo acting projects. Our personal favorite? In 2012, Nick appeared in NBC's campy musical drama "Smash" as Lyle West a hot sitcom star who started his career as a child actor on Broadway. Hmmm. Sound familiar?!

  7. He stripped down for "Kingdom."
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    Nick kicked his workouts into overdrive to play boxer Nate Kulina on "Kingdom." Nate isn't just the youngest in a boxing dynasty, he's also discovering his sexual identity along the way. Nick spends approximately 50 percent of his time on this boxing drama shirtless and we are HERE FOR IT.

  8. And then slayed us all on "Scream Queens."

    Boone isn't your typical Dickie Dollar Scholar frat boy. He's hiding some serious secrets, but that's totally OK. He gets a pass because he's so fine.


    Hot damn.