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Here’s Proof No One Can Resist Fetty Wap, No Matter What Age

Grandma is a fan, too.

It's hard not to be a Fetty Wap fan. If nothing else -- and there's plenty more -- the dude's melodies are catchy enough that his songs will get stuck in your head even if you're trying your hardest not to be a fan.

But most of us are just fine when the New Jersey native's jam get cemented in our brains and, it turns out, Fetty's grandma is one of us.

"I got all different types of fans," he said on Los Angeles' Power 106. "My grandmother. What is she? Like 72 yeas old, and she be trying to sing the words."

So she's trying? Does she know the words to "My Way"?

"Nah," Fetty laughed. "She know the melody, though."

Well, does she know what he's talking about in "Trap Queen"?

"Yeah," he said. "I tell her. I tell my family everything."

If grandma is on one end of the age spectrum of Fetty Wap fans, then 10-year-old Jayden Vaden is towards the other.

The Denver, Colorado native was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and had one of his eyes removed two weeks after his first birthday. Fetty's openness about his eye -- just look at the cover of his album, which is out today, for proof -- inspired the young'n to take out his prosthetic.

"Today I am forever thankful to a young man named Willie Maxwell aka Fetty Wap," Jayden's mom, Brenda, wrote in a Facebook post. "Similar to Jayden he lost an eye at a young age and along the way he decided that he didn’t want to wear his prosthetic eye anymore, so he stopped. Jayden, let it be known, is a Fetty Wap fan, a real fan, not like me ha! Well, today, after weeks of asking, Jayden is venturing the world without his prosthetic. I of course am a wreck because this world can be cruel, but so proud of our Boogies. This young rapper unknowingly gave Jayden something we weren’t able to give him-the confidence to be different- and I am grateful to him. Thanks to Fetty Wap for saying F the world this is me, and for helping make our baby boy just a little more remarkable than he already is. And we’ll be purchasing his album, a small thank you to him for changing Jayden’s life forever."

Fetty's sure to see that fanbase only grown now that his debut album is out.