Little Mix's 'Love Me Like You' Is Retro '60s Girl Group Perfection

Let's go back to a high school dance.

Little Mix busted out '60s throwback vibes for their latest track, "Love Me Like You."

Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy released the Get Weird track on Friday (Sept. 25), and they dole out perfect girl group harmonies that you might've heard over 50 years ago, complete with "sha la las" and other cute ad-libs. Some bells, a pumping tenor sax, a wall of vocals and the slow tempo are also typical of Phil Spector-like production, although it's actually produced by Steve Mac, Iain James, James Newman and Camille Purcell.

The ladies sing in a yearning tone, waiting for their love to come back to them: "Last night, I lay in bed so blue/ 'Cause I realize the truth/ They don't love me like you." I imagine slow-dancing to the tune at a retro high school dance or shuffling around the gym floor with my friends looking for someone to dance with.

Get Weird drops on Nov. 6, but in the meantime, listen to "Love Me Like You," and let us know what you think in the comments!