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'Trap Queen,' 'Where Are U Now' And More Get Covered With A Game Boy

These gamers are giving your favorite jams the 8-bit cover treatment.

Admit it. You totally rocked out to the Super Mario Bros. theme song back in the day -- you're probably even humming it in your head now that we mentioned it, right?

Because old school video game theme music was kind of the business, and thanks to the recent chiptune trend, that sweet electro-rad sound is hitting the mainstream in a major way.

By using older tech, like Nintendo consoles and Game Boys, these adaptive musicians are able to get that vintage gamer groove going and transform familiar songs into nostalgia-inducing sensations -- from Fetty Wap to Justin Bieber to Queen.

Seriously, the results are stunning, so we gathered a few of our favorite examples from the chiptune artists of Instagram to make your day instantly better.

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