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This 'Pretty Little Liars' Reunion Might Break Your Heart

Spencer and Alex reunited and we are still shipping them so hard.

Long before Spoby was an item in Rosewood, there was Spencer and Alex. The ill-fated couple had the perfect teen soap romance. He was the wildly attractive boy from the wrong side of the tracks who fell in love with a preppy, rich Hastings girl. Their love was doomed from the start.

We haven't seen Alex Santiago on "Pretty Little Liars" since season 1. Spencer took a walk on the wrong side of the tracks with this super hot tennis player who worked at the country club. When Spencer encouraged him to apply for a tennis camp in Sweden, he told her he wasn't interested. Then "A" took things into her own hands and submitted the application on his behalf. Alex blamed Spencer for the whole thing, and they broke things off.

But wait! That wasn't the end of Spencer and Alex's love story, after all. "PLL" star Troian Bellisario and her former onscreen flame Diego Boneta recently reunited and broke our hearts all over again.

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"Loved seeing this smart, beautiful and talented woman. Crazy to think it's been 5 years since we worked together... Great memories!" Boneta captioned the photo on Insta.

The pair attended EW's pre-Emmys party over the weekend, and while it's unlikely we'll see Alex back in Rosewood anytime soon (hey, maybe he went to Sweden, after all!), at least we have this photo to remind us what might have been.

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