Draco Malfoy's 13 Hottest 'Harry Potter' Lewks

A salute to the best-dressed Death Eater.

Draco Malfoy might have gotten up to some bad business at Hogwarts, but damn, he looked so good doing it.

And he totally knew it, too. Just look at Tom Felton on Twitter, casually noting that even as a tiny platinum-dyed bebe wizard, he was always the castle's premiere trendsetter.

#Wizardswag, indeed. And that wasn't the only time that Malfoy reminded us that you can't spell "Slytherin" without S-T-Y-L-E. (Not in that order, but you get the idea.) Below, we've rounded up his best looks from the "Harry Potter" movies.

  1. Seriously, that hat.

    After seeing Draco in this fashion-forward headgear, the way he dissed Ron's hand-me-down robe suddenly made a lot of sense.

  2. Uniform chic.

    Just because you're kicking around the common room, that's no reason not to put a lewk together.

  3. The perfect black tee.

    Even when dressing down, Draco always looks ready to walk the runway.

  4. Ooh la la, those dueling duds.

    "Why yes, Malfoy, I am scared. Scared that despite my best efforts, I will never master the art of matching my tie to my sweater vest with such impeccable panache." *Starts sobbing uncontrollably; forfeits match; Gryffindor loses the house cup for obscene lack of fashion sense.*

  5. A sporting look.

    Slytherin might have lost the Quidditch match, but Draco wins for those gorgeous gloves.

  6. Winterwear.

    Death eater or no, this hat is fabulous.

  7. Expert layering.

    Remember when Draco turned the Magical Creatures class into his own personal catwalk?

  8. A classic oxford.

    And to think that Harry splattered blood all over this perfect button-down. Ugh. Where's the outrage over those Dark Marks, huh?

  9. Field dressing to impress.

    Only Draco could make a sling for his owie arm look like a totally intentional fashion statement.

  10. Business casual.

    Loosen that tie, roll up those sleeves, and let's make some dark magic -- in style.

  11. Dress robes.

    Excuse me, are those leather epaulets?! ONE MILLION POINTS TO SLYTHERIN.

  12. Ultimate villain style.

    The black turtleneck appears, cementing Draco's status as both a bad guy and a good dresser.

  13. And of course, the signature suit.

    This perfectly-tailored affair, complete with black button-down and a silver tie pin, is the epitome of wizard swag. WERK.