Deaf Film Camp at Camp Mark Seven / YouTube

This Sign Language Cover Of A Popular Song Shows That There’s A ‘Home’ For Everyone

Watch the cover of Phillip Phillip's hit below.

Upstate New York's Deaf Film Camp at Camp Mark Seven recently filmed a cover of Phillip Phillips' 2012 hit "Home" in American Sign Language and it's quite moving.

The camp is dedicated to providing deaf students instruction in filmmaking and acting. At the end of every camp experience, the whole camp makes a music video. Last year, they did an ASL version of Pharell's "Happy." This year's cover of "Home" is a heartwarming reminder of the need for supportive communities like the one Deaf Film Camp provides.

"Actors on stage, artists in action, and filmmakers in training highlight the emotional connection that our campers have made with each other," the description under the video states. "No matter where the campers come from, they are one happy family in a happy home."

Watch the full video below.