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Echosmith's Sydney Sierota Says Performing With Taylor Swift Was 'Magical'

Taylor Swift loves the "Cool Kids" of Echosmith.

Sydney Sierota of Echosmith had a way better Friday night than any of us.

After her band's gig opening for Twenty One Pilots at Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio on the Blurryface Tour, Syd raced over to the Nationwide Arena to hop on stage as Taylor Swift's surprise guest at the #1989TourColumbus show Friday night.

Back in June, Echosmith was invited to perform "Cool Kids" at #1989TourPhilly. A few weeks later, Sydney squadded up with Taylor and company backstage while in London -- you know, hangs with Karlie Kloss, Emma Watson and Martha Hunt. Casual.

"Taylor is so sweet. Whenever people ask how she was and how it was being with her, what I always say is she is exactly what you hope she is," Sydney told MTV News about the performance in June. "You know what I mean? How you always see that she's super sweet, super great with her fans, she's super personable and makes you feel like her best friend immediately -- that is exactly what she's like."

"Obviously performing was a dream. We've been huge fans of her forever. Getting to sing with her in front of 65,000 people was crazy," Sydney said. "Walking down that runway I was like, 'Never done this before, but whatever!' It was a great time. It felt magical."