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From Kylie To Kanye, 5 Juicy Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Catch up on the week's most exciting, need-to-know news.

It’s tricky enough keeping up with just the Kardashians, let alone the whole celebrity world. With so much exciting and dramatic news pouring in 24/7, it’s understandable that some juicy tidbits may have slipped through the cracks of your news feed. If that’s the case, don't worry -- we’ve got you covered.

This week was packed with stories that revealed celebs’ true colors, allowing us to see sides of them we hadn’t before. In some cases, that meant something as little as a (fabulous) new hair color, or as drastic as a surprise new single and an inspirational story of courage.

We’ve rounded up the five most exciting “Big Truth” moments of the week that’ll make your jaw drop. Check it out:

Craving further deets? Find out more about each of these magnificently revelatory stories below.

  1. Yeezy Season descended upon New York Fashion Week.

    Kanye West took the fashion world by storm when he debuted his highly-anticipated Yeezy Season 2 collection. Oh, AND he casually dropped a potential new single at the same time, which we can only hope gets released in full sometime soon. Listen to us, bro.

  2. Kylie Jenner’s new hair got us minty green with envy.

    The reigning Queen of the App Store didn’t let her bro-in-law have all the fun at NYFW. After appearing in his runway show, she dyed her tresses a pretty pastel green. As ahh-mazing it looks, don’t get too attached — this girl switches up her look more than literally anyone we know.

  3. Ed Sheeran’s live show is getting the big-screen treatment.

    The singer-songwriter released the trailer for his documentary “Jumpers for Goalposts,” which gives fan intimate access to his show at London’s famed Wembley Arena. The only thing better than seeing Ed IRL is seeing him perform on a giant movie theater screen, so mark your calendars for Oct. 23, Sheerios.

  4. Beyoncé sent our hearts runnin’ with her brand new song.

    OK, technically she features on the Naughty Boy-produced track with singer Arrow Benjamin, but Bey’s incredible vocals really shine on this soulful electro jam. Pro tip: add this one to your running playlist and let Bey and Arrow fuel the fire beneath your feet.

  5. Fetty Wap inspired a young fan to embrace having only one eye.

    The “Trap Queen” rapper has never been shy about hiding the eye he lost to congenital glaucoma as a kid. Now, he’s apparently inspiring others to do the same, as evidenced by one mom’s touching story. We can all agree this is the best news involving Fetty and a kid this week, right? Sorry, Kiddy Wap wannabee.