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Thank You, Lilly Singh, For Your Badass Streamys Acceptance Speech

'Shout-out to Google and YouTube for not being scared to put a brown girl on a billboard.'

"I'm literally over-prepared for everything in life except for this moment, because I really didn't think I was gonna win."

These are the words the always-humble Lilly Singh opened her acceptance speech with at the 5th annual Streamy Awards Thursday night (Sept. 17). Better known as YouTube star IISuperwomanII, Singh won the Streamy for First Person Series. The talented nominees for this award included BFvsGF, PewDiePie, along with show hosts Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley.

Singh, who has over six million YouTube subscribers, went on to thank her loyal Team Super fans, her friends and her parents, "who let her not be a doctor." ?

But it was her closing words that had the crowd cheering and the entire internet screaming YASSSS: "Lastly I want to say huge, huge shout-out to Google and YouTube for not being scared to put a brown girl on a billboard." ?

Watch her full badass speech below.

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Now, I'll be honest with you. I didn't watch the Streamys last night, because I was on a bus from New York City to Pennsylvania at the time. I heard Singh's speech for the first time 15 minutes ago when I sat down to write this story, and I was blown away. I had to sit in silence for a few minutes just to absorb all the awesomeness I heard.

I religiously watch IISuperwomanII's videos, 95% of the time because they're hilarious and 5% because I'm a "brown girl" like Singh and it's so, so amazing to see her killing it in the big, bad YouTube world and beyond. She gets it. Yes, her vids are entertaining for everyone, but they especially resonate with Indians like me who grew up tiptoeing the line between two very different cultures.

Last night, Lilly Singh thanked everyone for listening to and watching her work. Today, I'm thanking her for inspiring a generation of young kids who want to make their own marks on the world. You go, girl!

PS. Like Lilly, I would also like to thank my parents for letting me not be a doctor.