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Evan Rachel Wood Has An Important Message For Bisexual People: ‘It’s OK’

The actress brilliantly discussed biphobia and sexual identity in an enlightening series of tweets.

Since coming out as bisexual in 2011, Evan Rachel Wood has been admirably outspoken about her sexuality. She’s opened up about her experiences as a bi woman in countless interviews, and she’s even seemingly made it a point to accept roles that allow her to play with sexuality (for example: “True Blood’s” bisexual Queen Sophie-Anne and “Thirteen’s” experimental Tracy).

Now, in anticipation of Bisexual Awareness Week — which begins Sept. 20 — the actress has shared more personal insight into bisexuality via a series of passionate, educational and enlightening tweets.

On Thursday night (Sept. 17), Wood began by quoting a Human Rights Campaign blog post published earlier that day entitled, “Bisexual Adults Face Heightened Risk for Health Issues Including Cancer, STDs and Depression.” The report highlights research about bisexual individuals’ mental, physical and sexual health, and urges more inclusive studies about the bi community.

“The reality is that bisexual people face discrimination not only outside of our community, but also from within. And that can discourage them from engaging in and benefitting from the work that LGBT advocates are doing to address our mental, physical and sexual health,” Wood wrote on Twitter, quoting HRC.

She continued, “Bisexual adults have double the rate of depression than heterosexual adults, and are more likely to engage in self-harming behavior, including attempting suicide.”

After sharing those select quotes from HRC’s blog post, the 28-year-old continued by lamenting the discrimination that bisexual people face, even within the LGBT community. She also clarified to one user Twitter user that having a two-year-old son with her ex-husband, Jamie Bell, doesn’t change her identity on the sexual spectrum; she is, as she says, “still bisexual.”

Wood continued by firing off more insight into her own experiences with biphobia and coming out, casting light on the identity struggles that many bi people face.

Her final message on the subject at hand? A simple but important reminder that everyone matters.

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