Former 'Degrassi' Star Reveals What The Cast Really Thinks Of Drake

Jimmy Brooks for life.

No matter how big Drake gets as a rapper, the world will never, ever let him forget his roots on Canadian teen soap "Degrassi: The Next Generation." He played Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star eventually confined to a wheelchair after a school shooting.

But when Drake left the show in 2008 (all Jimmys must go to New York someday), what kind of memories did he leave behind?

Enter Chloe Rose, who played Katie Matlin on the show from 2011 to 2014. While chatting with MTV News about her new movie "Hellions," which screened last week at Toronto International Film Festival, she revealed Drake's lingering legacy.

"We're all really, really close," she said of the "Degrassi" cast. "Everyone, pretty much on set, everyone on the cast knows so many Drake lyrics, it's stupid. It is ridiculous. We all used to, like when I first started, I didn’t really, I liked Drake, but I didn’t really understand the caliber of the love. It’s a fever, for sure, and we would go to parties together, and everyone would just stand in a circle and just rap his lyrics to each other. It was a real die-hard Drake moment, cause everyone was like, he's one of us. Jimmy, wheelchair Jimmy."

She also said that Drake -- whose non-rapper name is Aubrey Graham -- has come back to visit the set, and that he still comes out to support his old crew on other projects.

"Some of his old cast mates made this web series called 'We Are Disorderly' and he came to the screening and it was so exciting, and at the Royal, such a small little theater, and it was very cool to see him still supporting his friends from way back in the day," she said. "I think he still loves 'Degrassi' as much -- maybe not as much as we love him."

And, quoting the oh-so-quotable lyrics, "started from the bottom now we here," how does Rose feel about that?

"Yeah, sometimes we joke about that, like Degrassi's the bottom, no, but he like, is always super like gracious and wonderful about it, and supports it still, he's never like, 'I was never on that show I'm a rapper, what are you talking about,' so, we appreciate that. Thanks Aubrey."

Oh, so are all "Degrassi" alums on an Aubrey basis with him?

"He's Drake to me, I just sometimes use Aubrey."

"Hellions" hits theaters September 18.