Happy Birthday, Ian Harding -- Here Are 11 'PLL'-Related Party Situations We Hope You Avoid

Here's to pretending there's no "A" in party.

Today is "Pretty Little Liars" star Ian Harding's 29th birthday and we're wishing him a very happy day, year, and life devoid of every scenario that has ever befallen any of the characters on PLL. But these birthday party-related ones especially...

  1. No one wants to come to your birthday party.

    We hope no one Ian invites to his birthday party has this reaction.

  2. Your frenemies arrive unexpectedly at your party looking fabulous.

    Does Ian Harding have frenemies?

  3. You have to wear a festive sweater.

    Party dress code? No thank you.

  4. Seriously, costume parties are really labor-intensive.

    New dictum: All parties should be Come As You Are.

  5. You get arrested.

    In the grand scheme of PLL scenarios, getting arrested isn't all that bad. We still hope Ian Harding avoids it on his birthday. And forever.

  7. You worry too much about others.

    It's your birthday. You're allowed not to worry about other people for a day... Even if your cousin doesn't seem to be having a very good time at your birthday party.

  8. You have to make EVERY decision because it's your birthday.

    Decision anxiety is real, people.

  9. You realize you're a year older and cry existential tears.

    But, if you do, it's your birthday and you can cry if you want to. (What? You knew it was coming.)

  10. Someone you love can't make it for your birthday.

    We live in a globalized society, you know? Not everyone can make it to you birthday. Doesn't mean they don't heart you.

  11. Guests inexplicably start leaving the party early.

    What do you mean you have another birthday party to go to?!

  12. Someone gifts you something horrible and you have to pretend you love it.

    Um, you shouldn't have?

  13. But who are we kidding? This is Ian Harding we're talking about here. We're sure his birthday party will be wonderful — just like he is!
    Happy birthday, Ian!