This Dark Fan Theory About Disney's 'The Emperor's New Groove' Will Leave You Speechless

BOOM, baby!

"The Emperor's New Groove" turns 15 this year. FIFTEEN. But that's not why the Disney film has been in the news recently. Nope, it's for a much darker reason.


You will be.

Redditor lish_94 didn't just rock the boat of people's emotions — they completely capsized it. Lish_94 pointed out something very sinister about the beloved film, something that the majority of people never noticed until recently.

Lish_94's main focus involved that quick moment of a spider eating a bug screaming, "Help me!" Remember it? Don't worry, we've got you covered.


Gruesome, right? Well, it's about to get a lot worse.

Lish_94 astutely points out, "The only animals that we see that are able to speak in the film are those that were originally human. Take Kuzco and Yzma (her cat form) for example. Neither of them are seen to be able to talk with other animals, like the squirrel who is portrayed to communicate with squeaks and they are left to interpret what the squirrel is saying through the gestures it makes. So, my theory is that the fly was originally human. This would explain why Kuzco is able to understand its cries for help, but then it gets brutally eaten by the spider and Kuzco is left mortified."

This is our face right now.


Excuse me, EXCUSE ME?! You mean to tell me that we witnessed an (animated) murder, then just laughed it off and got on with the rest of the movie? Disney, WTF?!

But according to Redditor shaggorama, this moment is actually a direct reference to the 1958 Vincent Price horror movie "The Fly."

Here's a clip from the film, which does, in fact, seem to be what "The Emperor's New Groove" was paying homage to — spoilers, it's still creepy AF.

All right, so it seems Disney was just being awesome (as always) and chose to reference an iconic '50s horror movie moment, but there's still logic to lish_94's theory. Redditor WildTurkey81 pointed out the fly could have been the peasant in the beginning of the movie.


Yzma then ordered him to be taken away, so who knows what his fate was? Being turned into a fly seems pretty likely. Yzma is just that kind of gal.


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