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The Blonds Kicked Off NYFW By Making History

Even if you don't know The Blonds by face or by name, you definitely know their designs. From Beyonce to Ariana Grande, they have outfitted all ya faves with memorable and, generally, highly sparkly looks. While the duo's New York Fashion Week show isn't until September 16, they kicked NYFW off in a major way on Wednesday (Sept. 9), by unveiling two Rootstein mannequins modeled after Phillipe Blond.

This is the first time ever—!!!—that both male and female mannequins have been sculpted from one person.

The gender fluid mannequins seem to be coming at the perfect time, when discussions surrounding gender are finally finding prominence in pop culture—they, thankfully, mark another step forward in diversifying the largely homogenous fashion industry, which is, obviously, awesome and deeply necessary.

The retrospective featured the Phillipe mannequins, as well as others from Rootstein, wearing some of The Blonds' most iconic looks, including Britney Spears' fur-trimmed "Work B**ch" look, and a Jennifer Lopez-approved gold, jewel-encrusted bodysuit.

Oh, and another mannequin made its grand debut at the event—yes, that is Beyonce. Bey is no stranger to The Blonds—her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour wardrobe featured a number of their designs, including a bodysuit with a whole lotta boob—and her mannequin was decked out in the bejeweled red and black bodysuit she wore in the album art for 4.

So, yeah, between gifting the world with the first gender fluid mannequins and a Beyonce one, we'd say The Blonds kicked NYFW off with a bang—we can't wait to see what their runway show brings.