We Had JoJo Watch Her Video For ‘Leave (Get Out)’ And It Was Hysterical

JoJo reveals secrets from the set.

JoJo is back!

The singer recently released her new tringle of songs -- "Say Love," "Save My Soul," "When Love Hurts" -- each one better than the next.

It's been a long time coming for the singer, who was embattled with her former label for quite some time, which is why she couldn't release new music. Still, we will never forget what first kickstarted JoJo's career: "Leave (Get Out)."

The infectious single marked JoJo's debut, proving her a real pop force to be reckoned with -- and at just 13 years old.

Eleven years later we still can't get the song out of our heads, so when JoJo stopped by MTV recently, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and watch the "Leave" video together.

It may have been a bit "embarrassing" for the singer -- who described her 13-year-old self as "sassy" and "serious" -- but she did divulge some fun facts about the video, including what happened to that guy that played her BF, what she did with all the clothes, and who on the set nicknamed her "little muffin."