Simona Bonafini

If Disney Characters Had Instagram, They’d Totally Overshare Like The Rest Of Us Do

But everyone is adorable, of course.

What if Cinderella could Instagram her night at the ball? Could Prince Charming just search the #GlassSlipper hashtag to find her after their magical evening?

Italian artist Simona Bonafini imagined what Disney characters would share with the world if they had access to the same filter-heavy social media platform we have today, and it's equal parts clever and cute. She previously imagined the lives of Ariel, Alice and Hercules, but now she's updated her series with more spectacular fairytale Instas.

"I had the idea while looking at selfies on Instagram," Bonafini told MTV News. "One of the most popular types of posts that's rampant everywhere is those 'reflection in the mirror' selfies. It made me think of the Evil Queen looking in the mirror from 'Snow White.'"

From there, Bonafini came up with accounts for favorites like Elsa, Quasimodo and Cinderella. She even wrote clever interactions between the characters in the comments -- Gaston skeeves Belle out, Genie and Abu comment on an romantic moment in Agrabah and more.

Take a look at the wonderfully brilliant series in its entirety below.

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