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This Is What Happened When Eminem Met Mac Miller

Mac: 'Holy sh-t. That's Eminem.'

What happens when you meet Eminem? Well, if you're Mac Miller and you happen to have a broken hand, you apparently get made fun of.

"So, I go to meet Eminem," Miller told "A Waste Of Time With ItsTheReal." "He makes fun of me for my hand, which made me comfortable. That was the most starstruck I’d ever been, for sure. I've met a lot of people and been cool, hanging out, but Em walked out and I was just like, 'Holy sh-t. That’s Eminem.'"

According to Mac, the two met in 2012 while in Japan thanks to Alchemist, who often DJs for Slim, and Paul Rosenberg, Em's longtime lawyer, manager and friend.

If that's how Miller reacted when he met Eminem, you have to wonder how he responded to being named by Em on the title track to Shady XV.

"Paul was scared that if I went back to the blonde, I might relapse, get on some bullsh-t," Em rapped on the track. "Perhaps I'll/ launch some cracker taunts/ at Action Bronson/ Macklemore/ Mac Miller and Asher Roth/ And have some back-and-forths."

Mac and Em haven't recorded a track together, but after hearing this story, we're kind of compelled to hear what it'd sound like.