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Laura Jane Grace Tells Bullied Trans Teens To ‘Take No Sh-t’

MTV News spoke to the Against Me! frontwoman, who gave her heartfelt advice.

On Tuesday, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! stopped by MTV News to talk about the group's new album of live performances, "23 Live Sex Acts," which just dropped on September 4. In between dishing details about the new album and discussing what it's like to work with Miley Cyrus, Grace, who publicly transitioned in 2012, gave advice to young transgender students in high school who are struggling with access to basic services like restrooms and locker rooms.

One such student is a young transgender woman named Lila Perry, who is currently a senior at Hillsboro High School in Jefferson County, Missouri. Her story is making national headlines because after expressing that she wants to use the girls' bathroom, over 150 of her peers walked out of her school in protest.

Grace told MTV News why she was particularly taken by Lila's story: "That story resonated with me for a couple reasons," she said. "One, I used to have to spend summers and winters in Missouri and I know how miserable of a place it can be, especially if you're dealing with feelings of dysphoria."

"To see the way her school reacted in such a like, unsupportive way and how much attention was drawn on just seemed, like, to exemplify how not to handle a situation like that and how to make it just like, miserable for that person who's going through that," she said.

Grace explained how social media can be a boon and a bane in cases like Lila's: "It's good that things like Twitter, social media like that exist where you can reach out and show support, because I know from following her on Twitter that, like, she's receiving extreme harassment online," Grace said. "...So that harassment extends from school to her personal life to her... it's just there and that's a lonely spot to be in."

Grace also offered some heartfelt advice to trans teens who are fighting their right to feel safe and respected in school. "My advice to people in a situation like that is to take no shit," she said. "I know that's really hard to do when you're alone, but like, just like, when you're in the matter what, just keep going for it and keep standing up for yourself."

Laura Jane Grace -- truly a rockstar in every sense of the word.