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These 7 Rock-Tastic One Direction Covers Are Totally ‘Fireproof'

Nobody loves them, baby, the way we do.

One year ago today, One Direction announced the details of their album Four, including the 24-hour-only download of a new song called "Fireproof." And because Directioners never miss an anniversary, #1YearSinceFireproof started trending on Twitter on Tuesday. Fans were full of fond reminiscences.

Well, mostly fond.

As much as One Direction are a pop band, they've relied on rock-oriented sounds throughout their career to make their songs as epic and bombastic as possible. 2013's Midnight Memories had a ton of '80s hair metal influence (as we've pointed out before) and Four continued the classic-rock trend on songs like "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" and "Steal My Girl."

But there's nothing like an old-fashioned, hands in the dirt, rockin' cover of a 1D tune to appreciate how massive the songs always sound, no matter what genre they're performed in. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Mitski - "Fireproof"

    A top contender for best 1D cover on the planet.

  2. Wolf Alice - "Steal My Girl"

    Trippier than Directioners are used to, but the sentiment is still there.

  3. The Vamps - "Best Song Ever"

    Spot on, fellas. Spot on.

  4. The Vaccines - "Night Changes"

    Morphed into a sparkly pop-rock hit complete with a key change!

  5. Shawn Mendes - "Drag Me Down"

    Listen to the FORCE of those strums.

  6. Lissie - "Story Of My Life"

    Ragged, soulful and skeletal. And full of pure power.

  7. Postmodern Jukebox ft. Jeffrey James - "Steal My Girl"

    It swings. It shimmies. It rocks, in a '50s kinda way.

So, about that fifth album...