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Sam Smith Totally Went 007 With This 'Spectre' Theme Song Reveal

The British singer did Her Majesty's Secret Service proud with this pic.

UPDATE (9/8/15): It's official. Sam Smith is indeed the newest musician to join the James Bond opening number hall of fame, as confirmed by himself and the movie's official Twitter page late Monday (Sept. 7) night.

The title track for "Spectre," the 24th James Bond film, is called "Writing's On The Wall," and Smith said that his experience making the song was "one of the highlights of [his] career."

PREVIOUSLY: Sam Smith just went full-on double agent on us and seems to have slyly confirmed that, despite his initial insistence that he would not be doing the theme song for the next James Bond pic "Spectre," he's crooning about our old friend 007 alright.

Smith, who'd said in July that people were jumping the gun about his involvement with the new James Bond theme song extravaganza -- the bar for which was raised to an impossibly high level by Adele's epic "Skyfall" in 2012 -- posted a picture of his hand on Instagram Monday (Sept. 7) in which he's wearing a ring which is blatantly engraved with the symbol of a spectre.

Unless he just conveniently happens to like spidery looking symbols, that's GOTTA be his way of telling us that, yes, he is so in for the new Bond, James Bond opening credit number. The only way this could be clearer is if he were holding a shaken-not-stirred martini in his hand there.

This is spectre-tacular news for the franchise because if anyone in the business can dare to follow up the last tune -- which won an Academy Award, but NBD -- it's Sam Smith.

Rumors of Smith's involvement with the music for "Spectre" surfaced earlier this summer, but he shot them down in Capital FM interview, saying "People seem to think I’m doing it but I have no idea what’s going on ... I’m being deadly serious. I think I would know by now." He even added that he thought Ellie Goulding, who's a soundtrack superstar in her own right, was the one being groomed for the job.

But then that very interview went missing, so everyone's spy senses were tingling that he was pulling some kinda slick diversion move.

How very James Bond of him.