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Watch Harry Styles Stop A Show To Fix A Fan's Misspelled Sign

Nobody has time for a misspelled homonym.

Bless my Harry-owned heart. At One Direction's Philadelphia show on Tuesday night, Harry Styles saw a misspelled sign out in the crowd, so he did what any 21-year-old boy-bander would -- he brought the sign onstage and fixed it.

The Directioner's sign read "Hi Harry your so nice." And I'm sure he took the compliment, but as someone who shares the "Your/You're" pet peeve, I know how hard it is to resist drawing in an apostrophe and an "e." Harry stopped the show to pencil in the missing characters, handed it back and continued on. My hero.

Where'd he get the marker? No one knows.

Of course, the delightful Harry Vines keep rolling in after each On The Road Again Tour. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. When he yelled at a fan, "Kiss her, you fool!"
  2. When he insinuated that things were going to get naughty.
  3. After he got hit in the head with can :(
  4. When he kicked a lemon.
  5. Here he is dancing goofy.
  6. When he fell. (Sorry, Harry, it's kind of funny).
  7. And when he fell again.
  8. And again.

OK, sorry, I'm done.