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'Arrow': Olicity's Vacation Photos Will Make You Smile

Even Ra's al Ghul would crack a smile over these pics.

The last time we saw Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, they were riding off into the sunset together in the "Arrow" season 3 finale. We still get butterflies just thinking about the epically romantic moment, tbqh.

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, Olicity fans will have a lot to cheer for when "Arrow" returns for its fourth season in October. The premiere will pick up five months after Oliver left his life as the Arrow in Starling City behind for a happier life with Felicity.

And in that time, Olicity has traveled the world together -- you know, when they're not practicing the art of Netflix and chill. Guggenheim gave fans a glimpse into the OTP's travels on Twitter by posting some snapshots from Oliver and Felicity's blissful vacay.

Yes, that's Guggenheim creepin' in the background of the couple's vacation photos. We can't blame the guy for wanting to crash Olicity's international adventures, but if there's one third wheel who's allowed to crash this perfect trip, it's Diggle -- duh.

Thankfully, some photoshop wizard perfectly edited Olicity's vacation snaps and now our hearts are exploding with joy. Look at Oliver's smile!

IT'S JUST TOO MUCH CUTE. We're glad that after three excruciatingly long years of will they/won't they, Oliver and Felicity are finally happy together.