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'Pretty Little Liars' Jumps 5 Years Forward -- Here's What We Know

The Liars are all grown up and getting married?!

Now that A has finally been revealed on "Pretty Little Liars," we can finally put our mental energy into solving some of the show's future mysteries. Like, who is "he?" What are the Liars doing when we catch up to them five years later? And who the heck is Hanna engaged to?!

We've rounded up all the deets -- and clues -- we could find about season 6B, from the identity of Ali's doctor husband to the state of some of your favorite ships. Don't say we never did anything for you, OK?

  1. Alison is a teacher.

    Surprise! As we saw in the last few moments of the "PLL" finale, the former mean girl is now a teacher, responsible for shaping the impressionable minds of our youth.

  2. And she's married.

    Perhaps the biggest shock from the season 6 midseason finale was the reveal that Ali is... married. When she scrawled her name across the chalkboard, she wrote "Mrs. Rollins." Interesting enough, the show "will be introducing a new psychologist, the handsome Dr. Rollins" in season 6B. Could that be Ali's husband? And if so, isn't it a little ironic she ended up marrying a psychologist?

  3. Spencer has bangs and is maybe working in politics.
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    In the trailer for season 6B, Mona approaches Spencer and asks if she still has nightmares. After years of emotional trauma at the hands of Charlotte, the girls are still suffering from bouts of PTSD. However, what most intrigued us was the campaign signs behind Mona, which say Veronica Hastings. If Mama Hastings has gone into politics, we bet Spencer is helping her on her campaign. After all, our girl did graduate from Georgetown.

  4. Hanna is engaged!

    We couldn't be happier for Hanna, who moved to New York City with Caleb in the midseason finale -- but we're more than a little worried her fiancé isn't Caleb (gasp, we know). Why are we so concerned? "PLL" boss won't confirm whether the man who put that ring on Hanna's finger is Caleb or not, and that's not a good sign. Then again, MarMar does like to play games with our hearts.

    Truth be told, if Hanna's man is anyone other than Caleb, she's going to have some serious explaining to do. Caleb is the epitome of #boyfriendgoals.

  5. There's a new Brew.
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    The Brew is so high school. (Sorry, Ezra.) In season 6B, the show will introduce The Radley, a new hangout in town. Now, maybe we're reading too much into this, but with a name like THE RADLEY, it's entirely possible this could be Ezra's latest business venture. In a photo snapped on set, we see Ezra sitting at the bar, nursing a drink.

    This also seems to be the same location as the one the Liars meet up at in this photo from the season 6B premiere. So The Radley is definitely a popular spot in town -- and it's swanky af.

  6. Aria and Ezra are definitely hanging out again.
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    As we saw in the season 6B preview, Ezra and Aria seem to be closer than they were in the finale. While this doesn't mean that they're dating again, distance does make the heart grow fonder. A photo posted to director Norman Buckley's Instagram account shows Lucy Hale and Ian Harding filming a scene at The Radley together. Could Ezria be rekindling their romance?

  7. Emily and Toby are bffs.

    Once upon a time, Emily and Toby's unlikely friendship was one of our favorite parts of the show. But as "PLL" started adding more secondary characters and guest actors, their friendship kind of fizzled. Now, it looks like Emily and Toby are once again the show's kindred spirits. We know Emily's college experience wasn't quite what she expected, but what happened to Toby? Did he stay in Rosewood? Are he and Spencer even together anymore? Well, at least Toby and Emily have each other to commiserate with.