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The Cyrus Family's Stunned Reaction To Nicki Dissing Miley Was Caught On Camera

We weren't the only ones shocked when Nicki started throwing jabs.

Miley Cyrus' VMA hosting debut was full of surprises -- it had literally everything, from body glitter and nip slips to Wayne Coyne, and even an unexpected album drop. In between outfit changes, Miley even had time to engage in a quick (and completely real) exchange of words with Nicki Minaj that people are still buzzing about.

Well, we now know the real story behind Miley's reaction, but what did the Cyrus clan think of Nicki's onstage dis at their girl? As you'll recall, the entire Cyrus #Squad was in the house, from mom Tish and dad Billy Ray to little sis Noah. As the whole Miley/Nicki exchange went down, the Cyrus family looked on, their shocked expressions seeming to range from "whoa" to "atta girl!" Check out their priceless reactions in the video above.