'Faking It' Friendship: What Will It Take For Karma To Trust Amy Again?

There's no denying some tension exists between the BFFs.

Looks like Karma and Amy have woken up from that dream -- and the "Faking It" teens' bond is still a bit unclear...just like the aforementioned sleep sequence.

During tonight's premiere episode, Hester High's once-notorious lesbian couple were still not back to where they once were pre-Amy and Liam sealing the deal. Even though Karma said she had "let it go" over the aforementioned romp, the peppy aspiring singer certainly didn't act like things were peachy and back to normal in the world of Karmy. A couple of obvious examples: Karma still wasn't wearing the gals' shared friendship necklace, and when Amy showed up at her home unannounced, K was caught packing up her belongings with a mysterious fellow student named Felix. Even though Karma deflected when asked about her somewhat-sketchy behavior -- saying she was doing some "spring cleaning" with her new GBF -- something was clearly awry. And it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to uncover this mysterious series of events.

After Amy discovered that Felix wasn't gay (with a bit of flirting, naturally), a humiliated Karma finally came clean about her connection to the new kid in town: He moved into her old home because Karma's folks are now broke (remember the drug bust?) and the Ashcrofts are living out of their juice truck.

"You can get through this, but you have to let me help," Amy insisted, even though Karma was hesitant to come clean about her circumstances because of what had recently transpired between the two.

But Amy stressed that everything that occurred between them -- yep, even sleeping with the BMOC -- only made their friendship stronger. And with that, the duo seemed to bury the hatchet and even agreed to alternate wearing the heart-shaped jewelry (Karma had actually lost hers while moving her stuff out of her residence).

But is everything really kosher between the two? It's clear that Amy feels terrible about her past transgressions and is hellbent on moving forward. And while Karma wants to get back on track with her own friend -- and she's back to having sex with Liam, so that front seems sort of clear? -- her behavior indicates otherwise. What do you think it will take for Karma to fully trust Amy again? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to keep watching "Faking It" every Monday at 9:30/8:30c.