'Fear The Walking Dead': How Kim Dickens Nailed That First Zombie Kill

"I loved the way it happened," Dickens told MTV News.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to kill your first zombie? Of course you have -- but unless you're in the running for a role on "The Walking Dead" or its killer new spinoff, "Fear the Walking Dead," then it's pretty safe to say you'll never know what it's like to go full-on Daryl Dixon.

Kim Dickens, however, just so happens to be one of the few who has achieved the glory of a brain-bashing, bite-avoiding zombie kill. Specifically, on Sunday night's (August 30) "Fear the Walking Dead," when her character Madison was forced to kill her former colleague with a fire extinguisher. Rough.

"I loved the way it happened," Dickens told MTV News in our NYC studio. "I loved going back into the school for the reasons that I did, for a zombie that I have to sort of fight off. I think it's a shocker who it ends up being."

Dickens added that she loved that it was a fire extinguisher that ended up being her first big weapon -- though you shouldn't necessarily count on it being the next Daryl's crossbow, or Tyreese's hammer.

"[Madison is] an ill-prepared character for weaponry, and the apocalypse," Dickens explained. "She made a quick decision."