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These 9 'X-Files' Fan Posters Are So Good, They'll Make You Believe

The truth is still out there.

Until the new "X-Files" series drops January 24, 2016, we fans are looking for any and all ways to get our Mulder and Scully fix. Luckily, the official "X-Files" Facebook page has got us covered.

Over the past few days, the page has been sharing various fan art by talented artist J.J. Lendl, who creates posters for individual "X-Files" episodes, focusing on their nuances, guest stars, iconic imagery and more. A lot of his work is inspired by famous movie posters as well.

According to Lendl's Tumblr page, "What started as a month-long art project, in which I created a theatrical type poster for one episode of The X-Files each day, has turned into an ongoing art activity."

The majority of Lendl's posters seem to be from early episodes of the show, but that makes sense when he creates a poster a day and appears to have only started this project back in July.

We rounded up some of our favorite posters, because we want to believe.

  1. "The Host"

    If you were to look up "things that are creepy AF," you're sure to find this mutant sewer monster from the show's second season.

  2. "Squeeze"

    UGH, this mofo. Eugene Victor Tooms started the monster-of-the-week episodes commonly seen in "The X-Files." He pops up later in a sequel episode titled "Tooms," which Lendl also made a poster for back in July.

  3. "Anasazi"

    This was the episode that made me thankful I wasn't old enough to watch the show live, since it had such a big cliffhanger. Remember when everyone in 1995 thought Mulder died? LOL.

  4. "Die Hand Die Verletzt"

    This was that episode with all the Satanic panic business + that freaky teacher who definitely didn't win any 'Teacher of the Year' awards. Here's the "Black Sunday" poster if you'd like to compare Lendl's work with the design that inspired it.

  5. "Humbug"

    This was the circus episode where sideshow performers were being killed off, one by one, only to discover it was another performer's conjoined twin detaching himself and causing problems for generally everyone. Check out the "Freaks" poster here.

  6. "Blood"

    File this episode under why machines may eventually take over the human race.

  7. "The List"

    A type of whodunit, this episode taught people revenge is a dish best served cold — and to always be on a person's good side.

  8. "Darkness Falls"

    Remember when "The X-Files" basically told its audience to never, EVER go camping in the woods? Yeah, me too. Still haven't gone camping, thank you very much.

  9. "Little Green Men"

    This last poster design sums up "The X-Files" in a nutshell. Aliens, darkness and Mulder's believing intensifying to the point of exhaustion.

Like what you saw? Good news! You can buy Lendl's work here. More so, if you didn't see your favorite episode's poster, Lendl takes requests!

Remember, the truth is out there. ?